Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 35


El Decapo & Hideous socialize about: having lives, doing it for the hate, cheap

alcohol, requests, metalDAN (aka Hades), making fun of the listeners, being drunk

and pissed off, Tankard facts, christmas and its gayness, Metal bubble bath, what’s

hot on the streets, more DAN!, niggers taking over Cuntcast????, EAT THAT

WATERMELON!, Creed reference??? who the fucks creed?, Kung Pow! Enter the Fist and

its win, El Decapo stabbing motha fuckas, callin up da fat bitches with a GPS, The

real chosen one, fucking up local bands, DAN is gonna hate us, Caleb on the couch,

Hideous' week, VD talk, revolutionary CD packaging, Dark Before Dawn, what’s going

on with Hideous' music, what’s going to destroy the world, The amazing shit coming

out from Hideous, popular... but not selling out???? Hideous can do it!, Hideous'

celebrity love, We all love Hideous, everyone loves coon hunting, what the fuck is a

jiggaboo?, El Decapo gets out racist by Hideous, THE BOOK, how to know if you exist,

Bob Ross and philosophy, Cuntcast is a movie you just need acid to get the visuals,

YAHWGAY, Hideous' record label, WE HAVE A EMAIL!!!!!!!, why Mexican food doesn't

give you the shits, our unknown listener, useless knowledge with Decapo, Caleb, and

so much more!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Episode 34: The Thrash Metal Special


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what to expect in the episode, talking glam bashing, Cmans recent talking glam interview, what’s on Cman's wife's facebook, who not to trust, why football is ok, pooper lulz, the dumbest joke EVER, drag shows, Eazy-E jokes, the two ways to get AIDS, what talking fag fans do after the clubs, partying at Caleb’s house, farmville, Mantors praise, Age of Mythology fail, Hideous' technological research, Zombie El Duce favors Cuntcast!, CUNTCAST IS MENTORS APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEASH!, Techno jam, what kanye west did to talking buttsex, more Mentors talk, New "popular" albums, Nile goes racist because they want Cuntcast approval, how to get instant street cred, troll talk, YEASHable moments, fat bitch talk, how to be an honorary southerner, boiled peanuts, Maryland Deathfest talk, get rich quick schemes, the Cuntcast question of the week, buckethead and ozzy, and much more!

The Mantors - Hetero-chopper
Abacinate - Alive & Well


Friday, September 18, 2009

Episode 33


El Decapo and his long lost best friend unite to bring you a filler episode!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 32


El Decapo, Pope Hideous Scum, Sickie Wifestealer, Piss Boiler, and THE ONE! THE ONLY! TOM! summon forth the dark knowledge of: Tom, the who’s grimmer Diminished or Tom, Hideous gives an overview, Tom and his Immortal love, random words from Wifestealer and Hideous, the new Immortal album, Hideous’ thoughts on the Immortal haters, Blizzard Beasts suck, hating on bands with clone bands, toxic holocaust is gay, drunken Tyrants sing along, No one cares what hideous does, tom shreds, El Decapo and Hideous’ concert stories, Piss Boiler’s destructive habits, Tom's stoner stories, Grim and Necro frostbitten weed, Satanic demons and smoking devises, Mary's Tit, Tom sings Black Metal, Hideous talks to M.C. Fecalphiliac, Tom's J0K3 F@!L, M.C.'s life story, Wifestealer's piss story, Tom gets disconnected, Cuntcast... professional?, Hideous' stoned shit story, Hideous goes green, The Mentors way to go green, El Decapo's shit story, El Decapo's YEASHable moments! Probably the best YEASHable moment yet!, We still aren’t TALKING METAL because WE ARE METAL, Wifestealer gets initiated, What happened to Caleb, why everyone should go gay, Hideous' childhood memories, Metallica, what El Decapo came out of the cunt with, What Piss does at night, Piss' childhood Punk band, Nemesis Complex, Hideous wants a Rape Victim album, El Decapo's family problems and DMG, Tom G. Warrior v. Cronos you don't get this on talking mallcore, Where to eat if your in Tucson Arizona, The Cuntcast restaurant, the difference between El Duce Sleaze and tommy lee sleaze, Battle of the Bands bands doing covers, Alex Martin, and much more!

M.C. Fecalphilliac - Da Pisser Misser
The Mentors - Golden Shower/4 F Club
The Mantors - I Wanna Get Down
The Joes Smiths - Texan in the white house
Nemises Complex - Beauty/Black Shephard/Awake/Truth...


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode 31



El Decapo, Pope Hideous Scum, and Sickie Wifestealer bring forth the: Mentors drinking game, New Mentors album delay, non stop YEASH!, What the Mentors Mean to us, how to make your dick bigger the Hetero way, YEASH! YEASH and more YEASH!, El Decapo unleashes the fury, Mentors worship as all shit, El Decapo sing along to the mighty Pope Heathen Scum song, Caleb hates us now, gays, Hideous' YEASHable moments, Sandwich of Love Cuntcast version, El Duce one ups Nostradamus, better than 8(8), everyone wants to be like Decapo, the origin of Sickie Wifestealer, YEASHALBE moments, Cuntcast happy birthday song, more of Hideous’ YEASHable moments, Decapo's YEASHalbe moments, band names that get you laid, Hideous’ dead air song, more dead air songs, the closer.

The Mentors - Black Snatch
Pope Heathen Scum - Five Years Old
The Mentors - Sandwich of Love
El Duce - Stinky Greasy Fart
The Mentors - Adultery
The Mentors - Gods Gift To Women
The Mentors - Rock Stars On The Road
The Mentors - The Kings Of Sleaze


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Episode 30: The Maryland Deathfest Special Part 3


El Decapo and Diminished wrap up the Maryland Deathfest review. See you fucks next year!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Episode 29: The Maryland Deathfest Special Part 2

El Decapo & Diminished talk about the Saturday Line up of Maryland Deathfest


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Episode 28: The Maryland Deathfest Special Part 1


El Decapo gets drunk while eating pizza and recaps his Friday experience of Maryland Deathfest!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Episode 27


El Decapo & Hideous explain: gay jokes, Hideous' sobriety, their audience, the Alex update, Black Metal, Japanese Black Metal, the forum, sleep, sayings, Hideous gets a text.... from mother fucking Caleb, Caleb’s skype name, one on one time with El Decapo, bitchin, interview talk, Caleb, what we should of done, churches v. corn fields, Billy church balls, Egyptians like cock, Cuntcast makes you smarter, oprah and her army of soccer moms, the red hat society, movie talk, Boss Nigger sing along, M.C. Fecalphilliac, Mario theme song, Vaginal Jesus covers video game songs, Hideous reviews the new Beherit, sewer concert review, Hideous' neighbors, christians bro it up, who really started christianity, podcastocalypse promo, Rape Victim, tom, Shocker, and much more!

Zouo - Bloody Master
Against Nature - Alogos
El Duce - Hershey Highway
Premonition - Talking Mallcore


Friday, May 15, 2009

Episode 26


Hideous, his girlfriend, and his pal get wasted and talk shit.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Episode 25


El Decapo & Hideous Announce: Why you turn in, P0$3R F@G shits and sayings, talking mallcore bashing, Rape Victim, Decapo is a P0$3R F@G, how to make your kid grow up like El Decapo, Metal: we don't 'talk' it we LIVE IT!, racism, now its super cereal and Decapo's hatred for South Park quotes, brew talk, kingfindiamond exposed, KING TITTY FUCKING DIAMOND!, calling out metal archives, age of mythology, 2 main things in life, California is t00 tr00, El Decapo on the prices right, El Decapo's own TV show, Ms. Cmen deep throating the PUMPKINCOCK, El Decapo misses the Mentors, talking mallcore conspiracy against us, the podcastacolyps, the Cuntcast comp, Waken is talking, nu Napalm Death, GRIND ON, El Decapo's fuck up, mallcore ranting, stupid jokes, why Alex Martin is a P0$3R F@G, (@$!@M W1!$0N, bitches, Sadist T, monkeychief & DeathMetalGod, when Hideous isn't drunk, El Decapo a true Rock legend, party stories, Swine flu, Hideous watches carrot top, come fucking get us, El Decapo and stupid christian twats, how to plead insanity, the bro's bro is up, New (@$!@M W1!$0N song idea, PUMPKINCOCK shirts, bitches trying to play El Decapo?????? FUCK NO!, suing Hideous, the greatest Cuntcast ever, ZOMBIE EL DUCE talk, Iron Maiden jokes YEASH, lots of talking mallcore bashing, San Diego Metal Swap Meet review, El Duce The Man The Myth The Video review, murders around Hideous, and so much more!

Vardoger Derelict - The Withering Vesture of Serenity


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Episode 024


El Decapo & Hideous Celebrate 4:20 by: Weed stories, Home Brew tips and tricks from Hideous, El Decapo's munchies and audio problems, you should be stoned, talking mallcore, who says bring it?, toilet humor, good samples in the most unlikely of places, the private school of internet forums, Grind On forum, the Grindcore fiasco, El Decapo calls out cman, Hideous' 3 wishes, comic, Zombie El Duce! YEASH!, Blood Duster steals Hideous' ideas, Tankard, the CUMcast, stoner milf, male lactation, if El Decapo had titties, sucking your own dick, Godzilla movie marathon!, Hong Kong Fooy FTW, The Cuntcast Compilation, fuck pine trees, Hideous' drug talk, El Decapo's scholarly exploits, What’s going down with Hideous, fruit that turns them on, baseball, vocals suck, blot tests, Pork and bean pizza, Hideous' goals, smoking on a dime, Doom is being defiled!, Hideous' genre rant, format nostalgia, Decapo's concert story, the South Carolina M3T@L $(3N3, new El Decapo song, and much much more!

GG Allin - Dope money
Hideous' Special Treat
The Mentors - Up The Dose


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Episode 23


El Decapo & Hideous talk about: mods, southerncore, guests, deadly myspace friend requests, P0$3R F@GZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, epic echo, Premo's solo shit, Hideous Twat, McDonald rape, how El Decapo likes em, YEASH!, Tom's cousin, how to be normal, cousin fucking, our smiles, a cappella DR@G0NF0R(3, Watchmen movie, Dr. Manhattan’s musical cock, bestiality, Glen Benton and PETA, representing Satan, Silencer, NEWS, Pagan HAMMER TIME!, the FUCK NEW ZEALAND corner, talking mallcore + diminished, Cman bashing, Sex ED teaching, When "Mob Rules" came out, The Raunchous Brothers, pissing on socks, how those two like it, beer brewing, El Decapo's best friend, P0$3R F@G and Hideous' F@1|, and more!

Premonition - The Death Of Alex Martin (Featuring Demoniacal Possession)
??? - Rites of Bestiality


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Episode 23 - 0.5


Highly controversial episode! We unvail dark haunting secretes and much much more!

The real 23 is on its way!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cuntcast Has Gone Legit!

We'll guys we know have a small but workable website and feed! You can download Cuntcast through itunes, zune, where ever! Go check out the website HERE!

The website has all Cuntcast related links! Even a link to the new forum! The old one got taken down because we became far too powerful!

Also check out/subscribe to/spam the youtube page HERE! So far we only have 2 best of videos for episodes 1-5. More on the way!

New episodes are on their way! CUNTCAST CAN'T BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Episode 22


Chris Hideous and the very silent but lovely Piss Boiler bitch about:

Special guests, good by to our friend, Hideous life, El Decapo karaoke, messing with Christian literature people, Whipping out pumkincock, Thrash badassness, new promo pic, El Decapo PVT 1ST CLASS BITCHES!, wE BETTER GET A FUCKING MENTORS/MANTORS INTERVIEW!, MORE INNUENDOS, Hideous approval, What zeek should do, the breakfast of champions, beer and women, More El Decapo karaoke, Electric Wizard a Capella by Decapo and Hideous, the imposters, most EPIC fuck up EVER, most EPIC sing a long EVER!, Toxic Holocaust mix up, Troma, Hideous' movie review, more new Zealand hate, Xasthur's a Crip Nachtmystium are Bloodz, Master P shit talk, nigger nigger nigger!, lil john bashing, more Velvet Roses, how VR gets American info, Mark Twain, reading, Hideous' cool blogs, Hideous gets attacked by sound, Hideous wants beer, its new to Piss, Hideous' awesome song, jonas brothers smiley, SouthernCore, Obituary concert talk and how to go, Christian bands, berzerk for jesus, Intestinal Disgorge go christian, j0k3 f41l, Chris' hoes, Hideous' interpretation, Blaxploitation movies, TM bashing, shitty concerts, El Decapo is ignorant of pop... YAY, Tekken 5, drinking games, yay shitty economy, Public TV, hate Reggae, another porno review, El Decapo & Hideous meet up talk, and more!

Thrashin In The Streets - Oh Shit
Thrashin In The Streets - Brains


Monday, February 23, 2009

Episode 21

Normal Quality Download

Hideous and the his brand new co host El Decapo discuss in an intellectual manner: El Decapo, the Oscars and who gives a shit, El Decapo's unneed for girlfriends, Chooper's 21st Century shrug off, black midgets and fat white women, forum bazaar porn casting, rape jokes and jailbait, why you can't arrest El Decapo, how to fuck someone out of prison, YEASH!, El Decapo's internet stardom!, Azules31's pussy attempt, how to channel the spirit of Zombie El Duce!, new smiley for the forum, questioning the hood, The El Decapo Method, Church night, Sleep Bandit Brew, forced anal sex, El Decapo & Hideous meet up plan, dating 101 with El Decapo, El Decapo in hot topic??????????, Cman realization, Hideous sick of the internet, where internet trends begin, passive aggressiveness, P0$3R F4G!, new Lamb of God album, what scabby is calling himself this week, Chris Decapitation's pussy whipped, GRAMMYJAMMY come on!, from 88 to 86, El Decapo's brother looks like Seth rogan, Wonder Showzen, Hideous favorite band and song EVER!, Hideous having fun since 3.5!, El Decapo's drunk night!, prank call fail, more velvetroses, El Decapo messes with his sluts, my chemical romance bashing and El Decapo's Donkey Dick, myspace spelling, do we like toxic, Hideous says sorry, Scabby & Chooper's podcast, Hideous' radio skit, Absence of Embrace praise, Xasthur isn't kvlt he hates red shoes, Hideous fucks up, Necrophags, fuck sweep picking, deathcore, the Faceless...deathcore....YES, Glen Benton talk, El Decapo quote, Warcry interpretation, El Decapo favorites AFI, Larry The Cable Guy, hood myspace comments, El Decapo's new bitch, Patrick Show coming back?!, our awesomeness, Hideous horney, El Decapo Acappella Mentors tribute, a video???????, and a whole lot more!

The Mantors - High Class Beaver
Dark Metamorphosis - Blood Journey
Piss Boiler - Exstream Unction

New Promo Pick Featuring El Decapo!
The Mantors Sleaze Team (Featuring El Decapo On Their Top!)
El Decapo's Brew Kit
Locked Topic On Talking Mallcore (Because We Got Mentioned)
Pictures Of Cman
Chris Decapitation's Movie Star Brother
Wonder Showzen
The Dude From Toxic Holocaust
Chooper & Scabbyman's Podcast
Absence of Embrace Who Are Real Fucking Cool
Glen Benton Sees Big Foot
El Decapo's New Squeeze 1
El Decapo's New Squeeze 2
El Decapo's New Squeeze 3
El Decapo's New Squeeze 4
El Decapo's New Squeeze 5
El Decapo's New Squeeze 6
El Decapo's New Squeeze 7
El Decapo's New Squeeze 8

Low Quality

Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode 20


Chris And Hideous talk about: Shitting pants, just waking up, another long episode?, love songs, Chris changes his life, Hideous can do it!, Jewels is coming back, Hideous confused and dumbfounded, fat girl thread in the porno section, Chooper + 500 pound fat bitches, Chris' ear virginity, more to life than tits, fucking dead bitches and Chris' disgust, what happens to people who mark us as spam, Chris reverts to his old ways and feels bad =(, Hideous losing shit, Ozzy variety show talk, more slipping from Chris, more sensitive Chris, new funeral mist album, Chris is over Metal, Chris describes the new Funeral Mist album and his disgust with it, Chris discusses Elvis and his clean cut win, Chris gives Alex a thumbs up and a round of applause, wasting loves suck, Chris' Anti hooker rant, more reasons why New Zealand sucks, Hideous is just jealous, the New Zealand mob again!, Chris doesn't want to fight...Hideous says bring it on!, what makes Hideous and Chris happy, Dear Hideous', more Ozzy bashing, korn and godsmack and the local South Carolina scene, Hideous wants you to stalk, Chris' new podcast, another dear Hideous, Mentors talk, reflecting on Chris' past, Troll trouble, Lord of the Ring sucks, Hideous hates Star Wars, Hideous' mom does not approve, Hideous' girl friend is back, Castrato talk, where the chick from White Zombie is now, George Bush pronouncing, Happy Fuck Valentines day!

All Love Songs!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 19


Chris Decapitation, Hideous, and fucking Piss Boiler enlighten you with:
Weed, non drunk Hideous, San Diego Death Metal, can they be more generic, Hideous gets to see Obituary, Obituary can't be gay, cry-ptopsy and their new suck, Infester never went gay, anything over a demo and an album = P0$3R F4G!!!!!!!!!1, new German listeners, Cuntcast international, feminism and Cuntcast go hand in hand, Gender Equality lol, Death to New Zealand, Mentors time, Hideous saw a dog rape a cat, PervertDave talk, 1man1jar, Cuntcast mixing, Hideous' pessimism, poop talk and its relation to Cuntcast, entertainment when Chris isn't around, Who Chris'll plow, Once you've had Chris..., Dear Hideous, Ask Hideous some questions, Hospice Orgy and why you should own it, Grindcore coloring book, More Alex martin bashing, rape support, El Duce aint shit, Dick talk, we'll make to 100!, new Zealand mob can try to get us!, Hideous' blood neighborhood, Fashion will get ya killed, Heavy Metal gangs, sheep, Blood Duster's badassness, Grindcore 101, Goatwhore live and god forbid's suck, Alex martin's take on Episode 18, Hideous' girlfriend YAY!, Hideous' girlfriend's F41L!, 6 reasons why I love being married, Why Chris would bitch beat, Chris sings The Mentors like always, Hideous gots himself a freak, hilarious lyrics, Turtle talk, Premo bashing returns, porno review, what Chris wants from his pornography, Alex Martin time killing, and more!


The Mentors - White Trash Woman
Piss Boiler - Piss Christ


Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode 18


Chris Decapitation, Hideous, and Piss Boiler complain about: Piss' sexual fantasies, bands that suck, new members,
Druggies, Chris' salvia vid, Chris' trip, chance to earn cool
points!, Chris goes to Compton, MC Fecalphilliac and the Turd
Burglar, Chris' a dick and makes a pun, Mentors hate, Alex is
gay, kiss is gay, Alex's feelings, Piss bitches about is ex
guitarist, How to date rape, the chat, national listen to
hatecore day, Hideous' Golden day, Chris' life will be set,
Hideous alone, a day in the life of Hideous, Hideous hates
nu-Cuntcast, word pronunciation fail, joke fail!, Dark Before
Dawn, 1 man 1 jar talk, death by horse cock, lemon party on
the chat, Zombie El Duce 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!, Road runner kills
bands, what people think, Chris is lazy, Piss' break up
story, the official Cuntcast break up song, Hideous' message,
the metal madman, anada bashing, Cattle Decapitation
talk, forum talk, everyone’s a "P0$3R F4G!!!!!!!!!!1", lame
myspace bands, everyone sleeps but Piss, Ghetto life with
Hideous, female rights bashing, Piss Boiler has their music!
He's listened to them!, Chris Decapitation's Thank yous/Grand Finally!


The Mentors - Kick It On Down
The Mentors - 40ozer
Nemesis Complex - Lost
The Mentors - Hilljack Heaven
Bloody Pit Of Horror - Your Time To Die
The Mentors - My Erection is Over
The Mentors - Every Humans Gotta Have Sex
Hideous - Monkey With A Kenny Wrench
Dilaopidated Hooker Twat - I Just Killed 3 Dumb Cunts
Demoniacal Possession - The Undead Hord


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Episode 17


Chris, Hideous, and the silent but lovely Piss Boiler bitch about: Chris' episode # fail, never trust the stoner, Hideous' local shit, the Hideous split, Hideous...Its copyrighted bitches!!!!!!$$$, Alex got laid???, Alex pregnant bitch and what to do if you knock a bitch up, Chris is high, kick her in the belly!, alienation of the new listeners or a life lesson?, we know economics, Hideous' message, twat on myspace for Cuntcast, Chris' cunt goes to England, shocking news, the Cuntcast christmas song, Chris confused and calls thing shitty while stoned, fuck christmas, Hideous' plugs, maryland deathfest, Hideous' non illegal plans, We got hacked, 10101010 poseur fag!, Glen Benton, faggots, Hideous needs to get stoned more, Hideous' negativity, Hideous mad, Celtic trance, Chris jacks off to awesomeness of Dark Before Dawn, Intestinal Disgorge news, Chris true feelings, best or worst, Hideous' episode # fail, and so much more!


Hideous - Upon The Ruined Throne
The Mantors - Kick You In The Belly
Nemesis Complex - Breetard
Absence of Embrace - Need To Offend
Dark Before Dawn - Android Dreams Of Romantic Scenes

Hideous' Myspace
Nemesis Complex's Myspace
Absence of Embrace's Myspace
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