Friday, January 30, 2009

Episode 18


Chris Decapitation, Hideous, and Piss Boiler complain about: Piss' sexual fantasies, bands that suck, new members,
Druggies, Chris' salvia vid, Chris' trip, chance to earn cool
points!, Chris goes to Compton, MC Fecalphilliac and the Turd
Burglar, Chris' a dick and makes a pun, Mentors hate, Alex is
gay, kiss is gay, Alex's feelings, Piss bitches about is ex
guitarist, How to date rape, the chat, national listen to
hatecore day, Hideous' Golden day, Chris' life will be set,
Hideous alone, a day in the life of Hideous, Hideous hates
nu-Cuntcast, word pronunciation fail, joke fail!, Dark Before
Dawn, 1 man 1 jar talk, death by horse cock, lemon party on
the chat, Zombie El Duce 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!, Road runner kills
bands, what people think, Chris is lazy, Piss' break up
story, the official Cuntcast break up song, Hideous' message,
the metal madman, anada bashing, Cattle Decapitation
talk, forum talk, everyone’s a "P0$3R F4G!!!!!!!!!!1", lame
myspace bands, everyone sleeps but Piss, Ghetto life with
Hideous, female rights bashing, Piss Boiler has their music!
He's listened to them!, Chris Decapitation's Thank yous/Grand Finally!


The Mentors - Kick It On Down
The Mentors - 40ozer
Nemesis Complex - Lost
The Mentors - Hilljack Heaven
Bloody Pit Of Horror - Your Time To Die
The Mentors - My Erection is Over
The Mentors - Every Humans Gotta Have Sex
Hideous - Monkey With A Kenny Wrench
Dilaopidated Hooker Twat - I Just Killed 3 Dumb Cunts
Demoniacal Possession - The Undead Hord


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prison 20yrs scabby lolz