Sunday, January 18, 2009

Episode 17


Chris, Hideous, and the silent but lovely Piss Boiler bitch about: Chris' episode # fail, never trust the stoner, Hideous' local shit, the Hideous split, Hideous...Its copyrighted bitches!!!!!!$$$, Alex got laid???, Alex pregnant bitch and what to do if you knock a bitch up, Chris is high, kick her in the belly!, alienation of the new listeners or a life lesson?, we know economics, Hideous' message, twat on myspace for Cuntcast, Chris' cunt goes to England, shocking news, the Cuntcast christmas song, Chris confused and calls thing shitty while stoned, fuck christmas, Hideous' plugs, maryland deathfest, Hideous' non illegal plans, We got hacked, 10101010 poseur fag!, Glen Benton, faggots, Hideous needs to get stoned more, Hideous' negativity, Hideous mad, Celtic trance, Chris jacks off to awesomeness of Dark Before Dawn, Intestinal Disgorge news, Chris true feelings, best or worst, Hideous' episode # fail, and so much more!


Hideous - Upon The Ruined Throne
The Mantors - Kick You In The Belly
Nemesis Complex - Breetard
Absence of Embrace - Need To Offend
Dark Before Dawn - Android Dreams Of Romantic Scenes

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