Sunday, April 19, 2009

Episode 23


El Decapo & Hideous talk about: mods, southerncore, guests, deadly myspace friend requests, P0$3R F@GZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, epic echo, Premo's solo shit, Hideous Twat, McDonald rape, how El Decapo likes em, YEASH!, Tom's cousin, how to be normal, cousin fucking, our smiles, a cappella DR@G0NF0R(3, Watchmen movie, Dr. Manhattan’s musical cock, bestiality, Glen Benton and PETA, representing Satan, Silencer, NEWS, Pagan HAMMER TIME!, the FUCK NEW ZEALAND corner, talking mallcore + diminished, Cman bashing, Sex ED teaching, When "Mob Rules" came out, The Raunchous Brothers, pissing on socks, how those two like it, beer brewing, El Decapo's best friend, P0$3R F@G and Hideous' F@1|, and more!

Premonition - The Death Of Alex Martin (Featuring Demoniacal Possession)
??? - Rites of Bestiality


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