Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 35


El Decapo & Hideous socialize about: having lives, doing it for the hate, cheap

alcohol, requests, metalDAN (aka Hades), making fun of the listeners, being drunk

and pissed off, Tankard facts, christmas and its gayness, Metal bubble bath, what’s

hot on the streets, more DAN!, niggers taking over Cuntcast????, EAT THAT

WATERMELON!, Creed reference??? who the fucks creed?, Kung Pow! Enter the Fist and

its win, El Decapo stabbing motha fuckas, callin up da fat bitches with a GPS, The

real chosen one, fucking up local bands, DAN is gonna hate us, Caleb on the couch,

Hideous' week, VD talk, revolutionary CD packaging, Dark Before Dawn, what’s going

on with Hideous' music, what’s going to destroy the world, The amazing shit coming

out from Hideous, popular... but not selling out???? Hideous can do it!, Hideous'

celebrity love, We all love Hideous, everyone loves coon hunting, what the fuck is a

jiggaboo?, El Decapo gets out racist by Hideous, THE BOOK, how to know if you exist,

Bob Ross and philosophy, Cuntcast is a movie you just need acid to get the visuals,

YAHWGAY, Hideous' record label, WE HAVE A EMAIL!!!!!!!, why Mexican food doesn't

give you the shits, our unknown listener, useless knowledge with Decapo, Caleb, and

so much more!



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