Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 19


Chris Decapitation, Hideous, and fucking Piss Boiler enlighten you with:
Weed, non drunk Hideous, San Diego Death Metal, can they be more generic, Hideous gets to see Obituary, Obituary can't be gay, cry-ptopsy and their new suck, Infester never went gay, anything over a demo and an album = P0$3R F4G!!!!!!!!!1, new German listeners, Cuntcast international, feminism and Cuntcast go hand in hand, Gender Equality lol, Death to New Zealand, Mentors time, Hideous saw a dog rape a cat, PervertDave talk, 1man1jar, Cuntcast mixing, Hideous' pessimism, poop talk and its relation to Cuntcast, entertainment when Chris isn't around, Who Chris'll plow, Once you've had Chris..., Dear Hideous, Ask Hideous some questions, Hospice Orgy and why you should own it, Grindcore coloring book, More Alex martin bashing, rape support, El Duce aint shit, Dick talk, we'll make to 100!, new Zealand mob can try to get us!, Hideous' blood neighborhood, Fashion will get ya killed, Heavy Metal gangs, sheep, Blood Duster's badassness, Grindcore 101, Goatwhore live and god forbid's suck, Alex martin's take on Episode 18, Hideous' girlfriend YAY!, Hideous' girlfriend's F41L!, 6 reasons why I love being married, Why Chris would bitch beat, Chris sings The Mentors like always, Hideous gots himself a freak, hilarious lyrics, Turtle talk, Premo bashing returns, porno review, what Chris wants from his pornography, Alex Martin time killing, and more!


The Mentors - White Trash Woman
Piss Boiler - Piss Christ


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