Friday, March 6, 2009

Episode 22


Chris Hideous and the very silent but lovely Piss Boiler bitch about:

Special guests, good by to our friend, Hideous life, El Decapo karaoke, messing with Christian literature people, Whipping out pumkincock, Thrash badassness, new promo pic, El Decapo PVT 1ST CLASS BITCHES!, wE BETTER GET A FUCKING MENTORS/MANTORS INTERVIEW!, MORE INNUENDOS, Hideous approval, What zeek should do, the breakfast of champions, beer and women, More El Decapo karaoke, Electric Wizard a Capella by Decapo and Hideous, the imposters, most EPIC fuck up EVER, most EPIC sing a long EVER!, Toxic Holocaust mix up, Troma, Hideous' movie review, more new Zealand hate, Xasthur's a Crip Nachtmystium are Bloodz, Master P shit talk, nigger nigger nigger!, lil john bashing, more Velvet Roses, how VR gets American info, Mark Twain, reading, Hideous' cool blogs, Hideous gets attacked by sound, Hideous wants beer, its new to Piss, Hideous' awesome song, jonas brothers smiley, SouthernCore, Obituary concert talk and how to go, Christian bands, berzerk for jesus, Intestinal Disgorge go christian, j0k3 f41l, Chris' hoes, Hideous' interpretation, Blaxploitation movies, TM bashing, shitty concerts, El Decapo is ignorant of pop... YAY, Tekken 5, drinking games, yay shitty economy, Public TV, hate Reggae, another porno review, El Decapo & Hideous meet up talk, and more!

Thrashin In The Streets - Oh Shit
Thrashin In The Streets - Brains


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