Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Episode 024


El Decapo & Hideous Celebrate 4:20 by: Weed stories, Home Brew tips and tricks from Hideous, El Decapo's munchies and audio problems, you should be stoned, talking mallcore, who says bring it?, toilet humor, good samples in the most unlikely of places, the private school of internet forums, Grind On forum, the Grindcore fiasco, El Decapo calls out cman, Hideous' 3 wishes, comic, Zombie El Duce! YEASH!, Blood Duster steals Hideous' ideas, Tankard, the CUMcast, stoner milf, male lactation, if El Decapo had titties, sucking your own dick, Godzilla movie marathon!, Hong Kong Fooy FTW, The Cuntcast Compilation, fuck pine trees, Hideous' drug talk, El Decapo's scholarly exploits, What’s going down with Hideous, fruit that turns them on, baseball, vocals suck, blot tests, Pork and bean pizza, Hideous' goals, smoking on a dime, Doom is being defiled!, Hideous' genre rant, format nostalgia, Decapo's concert story, the South Carolina M3T@L $(3N3, new El Decapo song, and much much more!

GG Allin - Dope money
Hideous' Special Treat
The Mentors - Up The Dose


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