Saturday, May 9, 2009

Episode 25


El Decapo & Hideous Announce: Why you turn in, P0$3R F@G shits and sayings, talking mallcore bashing, Rape Victim, Decapo is a P0$3R F@G, how to make your kid grow up like El Decapo, Metal: we don't 'talk' it we LIVE IT!, racism, now its super cereal and Decapo's hatred for South Park quotes, brew talk, kingfindiamond exposed, KING TITTY FUCKING DIAMOND!, calling out metal archives, age of mythology, 2 main things in life, California is t00 tr00, El Decapo on the prices right, El Decapo's own TV show, Ms. Cmen deep throating the PUMPKINCOCK, El Decapo misses the Mentors, talking mallcore conspiracy against us, the podcastacolyps, the Cuntcast comp, Waken is talking, nu Napalm Death, GRIND ON, El Decapo's fuck up, mallcore ranting, stupid jokes, why Alex Martin is a P0$3R F@G, (@$!@M W1!$0N, bitches, Sadist T, monkeychief & DeathMetalGod, when Hideous isn't drunk, El Decapo a true Rock legend, party stories, Swine flu, Hideous watches carrot top, come fucking get us, El Decapo and stupid christian twats, how to plead insanity, the bro's bro is up, New (@$!@M W1!$0N song idea, PUMPKINCOCK shirts, bitches trying to play El Decapo?????? FUCK NO!, suing Hideous, the greatest Cuntcast ever, ZOMBIE EL DUCE talk, Iron Maiden jokes YEASH, lots of talking mallcore bashing, San Diego Metal Swap Meet review, El Duce The Man The Myth The Video review, murders around Hideous, and so much more!

Vardoger Derelict - The Withering Vesture of Serenity


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