Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Episode 27


El Decapo & Hideous explain: gay jokes, Hideous' sobriety, their audience, the Alex update, Black Metal, Japanese Black Metal, the forum, sleep, sayings, Hideous gets a text.... from mother fucking Caleb, Caleb’s skype name, one on one time with El Decapo, bitchin, interview talk, Caleb, what we should of done, churches v. corn fields, Billy church balls, Egyptians like cock, Cuntcast makes you smarter, oprah and her army of soccer moms, the red hat society, movie talk, Boss Nigger sing along, M.C. Fecalphilliac, Mario theme song, Vaginal Jesus covers video game songs, Hideous reviews the new Beherit, sewer concert review, Hideous' neighbors, christians bro it up, who really started christianity, podcastocalypse promo, Rape Victim, tom, Shocker, and much more!

Zouo - Bloody Master
Against Nature - Alogos
El Duce - Hershey Highway
Premonition - Talking Mallcore


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