Monday, February 23, 2009

Episode 21

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Hideous and the his brand new co host El Decapo discuss in an intellectual manner: El Decapo, the Oscars and who gives a shit, El Decapo's unneed for girlfriends, Chooper's 21st Century shrug off, black midgets and fat white women, forum bazaar porn casting, rape jokes and jailbait, why you can't arrest El Decapo, how to fuck someone out of prison, YEASH!, El Decapo's internet stardom!, Azules31's pussy attempt, how to channel the spirit of Zombie El Duce!, new smiley for the forum, questioning the hood, The El Decapo Method, Church night, Sleep Bandit Brew, forced anal sex, El Decapo & Hideous meet up plan, dating 101 with El Decapo, El Decapo in hot topic??????????, Cman realization, Hideous sick of the internet, where internet trends begin, passive aggressiveness, P0$3R F4G!, new Lamb of God album, what scabby is calling himself this week, Chris Decapitation's pussy whipped, GRAMMYJAMMY come on!, from 88 to 86, El Decapo's brother looks like Seth rogan, Wonder Showzen, Hideous favorite band and song EVER!, Hideous having fun since 3.5!, El Decapo's drunk night!, prank call fail, more velvetroses, El Decapo messes with his sluts, my chemical romance bashing and El Decapo's Donkey Dick, myspace spelling, do we like toxic, Hideous says sorry, Scabby & Chooper's podcast, Hideous' radio skit, Absence of Embrace praise, Xasthur isn't kvlt he hates red shoes, Hideous fucks up, Necrophags, fuck sweep picking, deathcore, the Faceless...deathcore....YES, Glen Benton talk, El Decapo quote, Warcry interpretation, El Decapo favorites AFI, Larry The Cable Guy, hood myspace comments, El Decapo's new bitch, Patrick Show coming back?!, our awesomeness, Hideous horney, El Decapo Acappella Mentors tribute, a video???????, and a whole lot more!

The Mantors - High Class Beaver
Dark Metamorphosis - Blood Journey
Piss Boiler - Exstream Unction

New Promo Pick Featuring El Decapo!
The Mantors Sleaze Team (Featuring El Decapo On Their Top!)
El Decapo's Brew Kit
Locked Topic On Talking Mallcore (Because We Got Mentioned)
Pictures Of Cman
Chris Decapitation's Movie Star Brother
Wonder Showzen
The Dude From Toxic Holocaust
Chooper & Scabbyman's Podcast
Absence of Embrace Who Are Real Fucking Cool
Glen Benton Sees Big Foot
El Decapo's New Squeeze 1
El Decapo's New Squeeze 2
El Decapo's New Squeeze 3
El Decapo's New Squeeze 4
El Decapo's New Squeeze 5
El Decapo's New Squeeze 6
El Decapo's New Squeeze 7
El Decapo's New Squeeze 8

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