Monday, February 16, 2009

Episode 20


Chris And Hideous talk about: Shitting pants, just waking up, another long episode?, love songs, Chris changes his life, Hideous can do it!, Jewels is coming back, Hideous confused and dumbfounded, fat girl thread in the porno section, Chooper + 500 pound fat bitches, Chris' ear virginity, more to life than tits, fucking dead bitches and Chris' disgust, what happens to people who mark us as spam, Chris reverts to his old ways and feels bad =(, Hideous losing shit, Ozzy variety show talk, more slipping from Chris, more sensitive Chris, new funeral mist album, Chris is over Metal, Chris describes the new Funeral Mist album and his disgust with it, Chris discusses Elvis and his clean cut win, Chris gives Alex a thumbs up and a round of applause, wasting loves suck, Chris' Anti hooker rant, more reasons why New Zealand sucks, Hideous is just jealous, the New Zealand mob again!, Chris doesn't want to fight...Hideous says bring it on!, what makes Hideous and Chris happy, Dear Hideous', more Ozzy bashing, korn and godsmack and the local South Carolina scene, Hideous wants you to stalk, Chris' new podcast, another dear Hideous, Mentors talk, reflecting on Chris' past, Troll trouble, Lord of the Ring sucks, Hideous hates Star Wars, Hideous' mom does not approve, Hideous' girl friend is back, Castrato talk, where the chick from White Zombie is now, George Bush pronouncing, Happy Fuck Valentines day!

All Love Songs!


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Anonymous said...

what's with all the good old school non-metal music??