Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 32


El Decapo, Pope Hideous Scum, Sickie Wifestealer, Piss Boiler, and THE ONE! THE ONLY! TOM! summon forth the dark knowledge of: Tom, the who’s grimmer Diminished or Tom, Hideous gives an overview, Tom and his Immortal love, random words from Wifestealer and Hideous, the new Immortal album, Hideous’ thoughts on the Immortal haters, Blizzard Beasts suck, hating on bands with clone bands, toxic holocaust is gay, drunken Tyrants sing along, No one cares what hideous does, tom shreds, El Decapo and Hideous’ concert stories, Piss Boiler’s destructive habits, Tom's stoner stories, Grim and Necro frostbitten weed, Satanic demons and smoking devises, Mary's Tit, Tom sings Black Metal, Hideous talks to M.C. Fecalphiliac, Tom's J0K3 F@!L, M.C.'s life story, Wifestealer's piss story, Tom gets disconnected, Cuntcast... professional?, Hideous' stoned shit story, Hideous goes green, The Mentors way to go green, El Decapo's shit story, El Decapo's YEASHable moments! Probably the best YEASHable moment yet!, We still aren’t TALKING METAL because WE ARE METAL, Wifestealer gets initiated, What happened to Caleb, why everyone should go gay, Hideous' childhood memories, Metallica, what El Decapo came out of the cunt with, What Piss does at night, Piss' childhood Punk band, Nemesis Complex, Hideous wants a Rape Victim album, El Decapo's family problems and DMG, Tom G. Warrior v. Cronos you don't get this on talking mallcore, Where to eat if your in Tucson Arizona, The Cuntcast restaurant, the difference between El Duce Sleaze and tommy lee sleaze, Battle of the Bands bands doing covers, Alex Martin, and much more!

M.C. Fecalphilliac - Da Pisser Misser
The Mentors - Golden Shower/4 F Club
The Mantors - I Wanna Get Down
The Joes Smiths - Texan in the white house
Nemises Complex - Beauty/Black Shephard/Awake/Truth...


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