Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Episode 36


El Decapo and Hideous are back with: Homos listening to Cuntcast???, gays after El Decapo and Hideous' cocks?????, Who to go to for gay advice, drinking vodka and smoking weed, how to make shitty shows good, forgetting the episode substance, Hideous' no longer thirsts for prepubescent twat, Hideous' unreasonable impressions of reasonable things, adding twat to things that don't have twat in them, New Zealand isn't bad after all?????, WTF is New Zealand anyway?, Hideous wraps NOTHING UP FOR NO ONE, shitty beer talk, Hideous dates himself, Death Metal bands with dead drummers, Hideous' badass set up, Evil Dead back in theaters, How to see Evil Dead in theaters the right way, fart noises on the CUNTCAST, rating check, Hideous' thoughts on our facebook fans, Hideous' knowledge of farmville, Monkeychief and what he does, mocking the fans, trolls, what happens when you talk shit about Attacker!, NO BURRITOS FOR YOU!, How to make the trolls funny, Nazi porn, Hideous' love for obscure references, How to be an economist, Arnold impression fail, Hideous' Cuntcast rant, Hideous' mind reading abilities, Black Metal talk, our 2 female listeners, Intestinal Disgorge talk, P0$3R F@GZ and people who don't like Intestinal Disgorge, SD Metal swap meet part 2 update, Queen Bees, METALDAAAAAAN!

Hellfire - Prowler


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