Friday, February 26, 2010

Episode 37


Hideous and.... CHRISTOPHER (lolz), and La Decapa?????? Bring the: CHRISTOPHER, 3.5 part 2?, bitch slapping, El Decapo's incest buddy, clit sucking, Hideous hates it, female burps, what’s been going on, Why everyone wants to be us, blame Hideous, Hideous PLUGS HIS SHIT!, Woman rant, woman rant ignored... as always YEASH!, blame myspace... I mean gayspace, why blood is natures lubrication, Where women belong straight from a woman’s mouth, Swedish Death Metal the book, where Hideous wants to go to bitch slap people, comedic gold, Hideous about to get stoned, beer talk, Caleb's public service announcement, on air blowjob?, cock blocking!, best episode ever?, What would Sickie Wifebeater say?, shitty song sing along, tit sucking, El Decapo's favorite episode, Cuntcast Compilation SEND US YOUR SHIT BANDS!!!!!!!!! send us a mp3!!!!!!!!, prolific Scabby, Nemises Complex we want YOU!, truly and dearly, La Decapa knows when shit is, pot smoking devices, Jason steps in, Rap to piss off the haters, and more!

M.E.H. - Bootleg Pop CDs Pay For My Drugs
The Mantors - Incest Parade
Violent Pacifist - Say It To My Face


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