Friday, August 15, 2008

Episode 3: Black Metal Special


Black Metal Special!!!!! Kvlt
Hideous the Nekro Count of Permafrost and Northern Emporer of Fucking Evil Christ Decapitation screech about Grand Theft Auto Norway, Beer, Fan trash talking...and lots of it!, Chris' inability to remember NWA's "Fuck The Police", More MC Fecalphilliac & The Turd Burglar, Stealing records, Chris' girl voice, 1st episode Hardcore clear up, The Sue us Forum comments!!!!!!!!!!!!1, Shit talking the other co host, deathcore's homo-ness again, more rap, Reading fail, and old Black Metal News, Black Metal Radio, Necrophagist and their ass sucking, How to not get caught stealing beer, ugly people in Metal, racism, forum plug, Aggressive Tyrant, The end of youtube????, youtube, Hideous' love, Hideous' weed story, Chris' weed, stoned fuck ups, stoner jokes, we actually got a email!, more heafy queefy bashing! It never ends!

Grand theft auto pic
black metal radio
altars of madness forum
aggressive tyrant
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Extra Gr1m & Kvlt Mono Version Limited To 666 hours

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