Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Episode 2


Cuntcast Episode 2
Chris and Hideous talk: Racial slurs, lack of a special guest, beer as always, Hideous out of the house again OMFG!!!!1, deathcore and its suck, vinyls and hot topic, Power Metal and its EPICNESS!!!!!!!1, Attacker covers! "Its Heman!!!!1", unicorns and their magical mayonnaise, Lord of the Rings talk, Deicide shit talk, Obituary & Favor Flave!!!!, rap talk, How we are not Metalscape clones, Hideous' life, Why Grindcore is still Hetero, what you the viewers think!, That crazy Tom, Comment people!!!!!, castc@ymail.com get that shit coming!, Cottage cheese Discharge, No rant once again, more hot topic bashing, the Intestinal Disgorge & slipknot conspiracy, rap faggots, jedi mind trick and his fail, and a lot of rap talk!, MC Fecalphilliac & The Turd Burglar, Hideous wants minions!...NOW!, Jewels exposed, falsetto wars, and more!

Attacker - Battle at Helm's Deep Cover
Attacker Song
Best Grind Forum EVER!!!!!1
Fuck Da Police
8-Bit Cannibal Corpse
8-Bit Best Song Ever!!!!!!!!1
Break Beat Diamond



GodHatesFags said...

I kinda felt sorry for you guys not getting any comments here, so I´ll just post this to make you guys feel less pathetic.


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