Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello all you Cuntcast fans. As you may have noticed the blog was gone for awhile. I decided to hide it due to an issue we had with some music played. Copyright and what not. Anyway I, El Decapo, saw fit to hide the blog while shit gets sorted out. Meaning new Cuntcast episodes came to a halt, but Hideous has put out a few on the forum and feed recently that I'll transfer over here in due time. Also new youtube content courtesy of Hideous is on our Youtube page which I will also post on here in due time. Cuntcast is also on myspace and facebook somewhere, facebook run by Hideous since I don't have one anymore and myspace goes unchecked since no one uses that anymore. You can also check out the site for links to RSS feeds (that nifty thing that lets you subscribe through itunes and other podcast software) and a link to the forums. All can be found here:

As always send us messages on our email (put Cuntcast in the title or something obvious so it doesn't get marked as spam which we get a lot of) at:

Be on the look out for new episodes here or go to the forum or feed if you're impatient.

Until then stay drunk!

-El Decapo

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