Saturday, June 5, 2010

Episode 40


El Decapo and Hideous are back with: episodes, gay sex on ecstasy will kill you, Mohammed Clit Surgeon like the Big Black Dick, M.C. Fecalphilliac love, Mentors and Kool Keith concert review, California bashing, president bashing, what Hideous puts in his search engines, Heafy Queefy bashin, Hideous challenges the Mentors, Piss Boiler bashin, Hideous' hatred for Gurella productions and why they are faggots, why Xmas sucks..... LITERALLY, whats up with premo, terrible jokes... about cancer, send us adam and eve premo cancer jokes to, what you can and can't joke about, Cuntcast merch, WE CHALLENGE YOU MARK AND JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, our fans and whats killing them, How to kill yourself the MANLY way, CASLAM bashin, the Australian military and where the fuck is the only cool Australian?, more cancer jokes, comic talk, Hideous' youtube comments, Mosquito man drawing, Hideous gets invaded story, Retarded laws, new Cathedral album 1st song review, El Decapo's best friend, and more!

THRAWTLE - Set On Kill
The Mentors - Bombs Over San Francisco
Premonition - Talking Mallcore (Featuring El Decapo & Demoniacal Possession)
M.E.H. - Your Mom's A Bitch But I'm Still Gonna Fuck Her
Dilapidated Hooker Twat - I Raped A Girl
And MORE!!!!


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